Annual Free Fishing Weekend in Missouri- June 8 and 9

Fishing at sunrise.

Fishing at sunrise.

Alton, Mo. – Once again, it is spring and time for free fishing. This weekend, June 8-9, 2019, anyone can fish for free in Missouri. Although there is a chance for rain throughout Saturday and Sunday, a break in the rain can bring the once a year enjoyment of relaxing while fishing.

Free Fishing

The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages these annual free fishing days. People of any age may get out and fish for free without purchasing a fishing permit or a trout permit or daily tag. With summer coming around the corner and school over for the season, everyone can get out and enjoy fresh air and fellowship with those around. Additionally, MDC provides an app. With this app, fishing locations can be found close to anyone.  The app also includes information on types of fish and individual characteristics.

Some conservation centers have fishing classes while more loan out fishing equipment. Ben Stratton, with the MDC in Cape Girardeau, says, “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn and take up fishing.” [1]


While no permits are required, other restrictions still apply. Private property is off limits to outsiders. Along with that, size limits and quantity limits are in effect. Certain permits may be needed in specific counties.


A person who wants to participate in free fishing needs to keep in mind the rain that has been going throughout the Midwest. More rain forecast for the weekend could bring flash flooding in already soaked areas. It is best to be aware and alert beforehand where the rain is and then following the trajectory of rushing water. Keep in mind that heavy rain in other counties does effect Oregon County, Missouri.  It is best to stay updated on weather watches and warnings throughout the area.



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