New Construction At Alton, Missouri’s Tucker Creek Park

New pavilion at the Alton, Missouri, city pool.

The town of Alton, Missouri, is growing. Growing brings construction to the cities. A restroom has been constructed behind the Tucker Creek Park. Also, a pavilion has been added right outside of the city pool.

The Restroom

If you’re walking behind the city park or you’re at the Farmer’s Market and you need to go to the bathroom, you had to use the blue porta-potties

New bathrooms at the walking park at the Tucker Creek Park in Alton, Mo.

Now, you don’t have to. Construction workers have built a restroom about the middle of the walking park. The bathroom has two stalls.

The inside of one of the new bathrooms at Tucker Creek Park.

Pavilion At The Pool

A favorite pastime for everyone is swimming. Before this year, the pool at Tucker Creek Park had a little pavilion inside the fence with chairs. Now they have built a pavilion right outside the changing rooms the width of the pool fence to offer shade on a hot day.

Make sure to check out these new constructions in Alton, Missouri.

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