Cure Poison Ivy Quickly at Home

Poison ivy.

Poison ivy.

Poison ivy is a problem for most people, about 85% of people react to it at some point in their lives. It grows prominently in North America and under most circumstances will flourish. The plant itself is full of the toxic oils that plague whoever accidentally touches it in passing. The day after your run-in with a poison ivy plant, you develop itchy, red, rashes that can last up to a week. It’s nice to have something to help the rash go away sooner, or at least relieve the itchiness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help your poison ivy symptoms while it works on clearing up.

Rubbing alcohol

Apply rubbing alcohol as soon as possible after touching poison ivy; it will help remove the oils from your skin and lessen the symptoms later on.

Cold compress

Wet a washcloth with cold water, wring it out and apply to where your rash is. This cold compress will help prevent excess itching and swelling from happening.

Don’t itch

Itching can cause the rash to spread, to stay longer, and to get worse.

Lotion or cream

Use lotion or cream to speed up the healing process. Hydrocortisone creams and calamine lotion are two products that can be used to reduce itching and swelling of your poison ivy.

Oral antihistamines

Getting a rash from poison ivy is an allergic reaction so taking something with Benadryl will help calm the reaction down.


You can also get medication prescribed by a doctor to get relief.

See a doctor

You don’t usually need to see a doctor with poison ivy but you should if the rash is near your eyes or mouth. If it covers over 25% of your skin, you do need medical attention. You need help if the outbreak doesn’t get better after 7-10 days. Or if it starts putting out pus, you might need to see a doctor.

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