Thayer, Missouri Implements Curfew

The moon at night.

The moon at night.


Thayer, Mo. – The City of Thayer, MO and emergency personnel held a meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2020. They agreed to follow Mammoth Spring’s example and implement a curfew. Mammoth Spring, Arkansas implemented its curfew on April 1, 2020. Thayer’s curfew began Monday, April 6, 2020.

Times And Dates Of Curfew

The curfew remains in effect from April 6, 2020, until April 24, 2020. This curfew may be extended as situations arise.  The curfew starts each day at 9:00 p.m. It ends the following morning at 6:00 a.m. Between these times, residents are to remain in their homes, vehicles, or places of employment. Residents may only leave these places for essential services.

What Services Are Essential?

Essential services include tasks relating to a person’s health or safety. This Does include grocery shopping. On the other hand, due to the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores and most gas stations are closed overnight. The Department of Health and Senior Services has a complete list of essential activities.

Who Does The Curfew Affect?

Persons affected by homelessness are not under this curfew. However, they are encouraged to practice social distancing. Emergency persons- like firemen, law enforcement persons, and hazmat responders are examples of those who are also exempt from this curfew.

What About LawBreakers?

The City Of Thayer may punish those who violate this curfew with a fine up to $500.00 and/or 90 days in jail.

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