7 Fun Activities You Can Do To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Field of clover.Community

Field of clover.

St. Patrick’s Day is here again on March 17, 2022. You may be at a loss of what you can do- here are seven fun activities you can do to make St. Patrick’s Day alive!

#1 Make A Shamrock Shake

Everyone loves a good shake- especially a Shamrock Shake. You can get one at McDonald’s or you can make one yourself. Get some ice cream, mint, ice, and milk. Mix it up in a blender. Try different ingredients and amounts out to get the best Shamrock Shake.

#2 Four Leaf Clover

We have all hear of the four-leaf clover. Today’s the day to see if you’re the lucky one! See if you can find the four-leaf clover.

#3 Make Clover Leaves

If you tend to be more artsy, get some scissors and green construction paper. Make your own clover leaves!

#4 Dress Up

Another fun activity you can do is to dress up. Get the Irish hats and dress up all in green. You can go so far as to paint (with washable paint) your face green!

#5 Learn An Irish Step Dance

Do you want more of a challenge on St. Patrick’s Day? Take it a step up and learn an Irish step dance (no pun intended). [1] Even if you don’t have tap shoes, you can still do the same movements! You can even practice in advance with your friends or family and put on a performance!

#6 Write Limericks

Limericks were named after a city in Ireland called Limerick. A limerick is a humorous five-line poem with the rhyme scheme of AABBA. Write your own five-line limerick on St. Patrick’s Day. [2]

#7 Read The History

Another thing you can do is brush up on your St. Patrick’s Day history. Go to a museum or read some books about it. You can read this article about St. Patrick’s Day.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these fun activities!


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