Black Gold Walnut Festival Run- 2016

The start of the 5k.

The start of the 5k.

The annual Alton, Mo, Black Gold Walnut Festival is never complete without its exhilarating one-mile run, and five kilometers run/walk, and the festival of  2016 was no exception. These races are just a short loop around Alton making training for it easy.

People of all ages participate in the 5k run, from grandmothers to babies in strollers. The 5k is a great way to add some extra exercise into your routine. It also works if one just wants to walk and bond with some friends for three miles while admiring the views of the county seat. Children of all ages enjoy the success of crossing the finish line and beating their friends in this race. Meanwhile, parents sometimes opt to use less energy and spend time walking behind the runners.

Medals and awards are given out at the end of the races for the winners and participants to treasure until the next annual Black Gold Walnut Festival. Besides receiving a medal the runners also get to run through the streets, lined with Missouri citizens, cheering the runners on.

Included below are pictures from the five-kilometer and one mile run from the Black Gold Walnut Festival of 2016.

Photo gallery of the 1 mile and 5k

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