Favorite Foods Eaten When Celebrating The Fourth of July



We are just a few days away from the Fourth of July. Family, a national holiday, and food make this the perfect time for celebrating. Every year, Americans celebrate Independence Day by eating and by watching fireworks. These are some of the more popular foods for this holiday.

Main Dish

There are over 74 million Americans planning to grill out this 4th of July. [1]Keep your kitchen cool so you can grill outside. On the Fourth of July, hamburgers are the most popular food. In truth, grilling out burgers is a popular activity for over 85% of Americans. You can easily grill some hot dogs while you have the grill going. Some people like their hot dogs plain, while others like them with mustard, ketchup, or hot sauce. Salsa is another addition to grilling.


It is common for people to eat chips when they are celebrating. In 2010 Americans spent $92 million on chips alone this holiday season [2]. The average American spends more money on chips and dip than on barbecue meat [3].

Chips, drinks, hot dogs, and cookies at the Alton Bank’s Grand Opening on August 28, 2021.


While having this mid-summer holiday, do not forget the corn on the cob or the baked beans. They round out a meal.

Red Strawberry's in a Bowl
Red Strawberry’s in a Bowl


Lastly, there are desserts. A red, white, and blue display of pies, cookies, and brownies. Family members take advantage of the season by making salads or desserts with fresh fruit. watermelon is an all time favorite, along with berries and peaches.

A pile of watermelons.
A pile of watermelons.

Traditionally served with ice cream or whipped cream, apple pie is a classic dessert. Pecan pie is a summertime favorite. Desserts like this are often eaten during holidays like the Fourth of July.

Plan ahead your summertime holiday feasting. Waiting until the last minute can bring stress. This is a holiday to be grateful for the country we live in, enjoying it with friends and family.


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