McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Returns- & Finding it is Easier Than Ever

Field of clover.

Field of clover.

Every year March arrives and with it comes the beautiful color green. And I’m not talking about Spring finally making its debut- I’m talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Green parades, green leaf clovers, green leprechauns, and green Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. This year the Shamrock Shakes are back and, like always, not available at every McDonald’s.

The Shamrock Shake is Back

If you enjoy the seasonal treats fast food companies offer throughout the year, you’ve probably heard about the McDonald’s green Shamrock Shake. It’s been around for almost fifty years now, after first being introduced in 1970.

Check Nearby McDonald’s

The minty green shake has slowly become a McDonald’s icon despite only being sold from late February through until March 24th. Like most of the fast food chains seasonal treats, the Shamrock Shake is not offered at all McDonald’s locations. In the past, you would have to check each, individual, McDonald’s to see if they sold the shake. This year though the restaurant has made an option to search for locations that are selling the Shamrock Shake through their app.

All you need to do is install the McDonald’s app, if you haven’t already, and tap n your zip code. The app will then bring up a map with all the nearby McDonald’s that are selling the shake.You can also click here to check nearby McDonald’s locations on your computer as opposed to using an app.

Like every seasonal thing, the Shamrock Shake will only be in stores for a short period of time. The Shamrock Shake will only be available until March 24th, after that, you’ll have to wait until next year if you enjoy this sweet treat.

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