Stay Aware of Missouri’s Road Conditions This Holiday Season

Tractor plowing snow off roads.

Tractor plowing snow off roads.

Every holiday season thousands of people travel to visit friends and family. Missouri’s road conditions can abruptly change in the winter, leaving you frustrated and possibly driving on icy roads. Your grandmother making an unexpected pumpkin pie is a pleasant surprise; inclement weather and closed roads? A not so nice surprise. The weather around the holidays can be finicky and abrupt making traveling dangerous if you’re unaware of what’s in store.

Snow has already swept the countryside. As of November 15th clouds dropped inches of snow all along the east side of Missouri. Roads are covered and very slick in areas around Westplains, MO, Doniphan, MO, and Dexter, Mo. In Cape Girardeau, there have been several slide-offs on the interstate already.

Here are a few tips to make your travels safer this holiday season.

Check the Weather

To make life easier on you and your family, check the weather before traveling. Traveling can be a hassle especially when the weather gets inclement. And although weather forecasters aren’t always correct, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check Road Conditions

You can check Missouri road conditions here for road closures, or slick roads. You can also search for other state road conditions to help you figure out the best route, or if you should even be driving.

Don’t be in a Rush

Don’t be in a rush to get somewhere if it starts snowing. Following the road, signs and warnings can help you stay safe while driving at any time of the year. When it’s snowing or icy out, it’s important to obey the laws regarding driving. Take your time and drive safely, giving other vehicles plenty of room to operate.

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