Final Abortion Clinics In Missouri Closed

Baby in a hat.

Baby in a hat.

On January 13, 2021, Operation Rescue announced that Missouri is the first state to have no operating abortion mills. The final Missouri abortion mill was in St. Louis.

Which Clinic Closed?

Reproductive Health Services (RHS) Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri had an active year in 2020. Court cases, shutdowns, openings, and procedures went against them. The final month of 2020 counted zero abortions performed at the clinic. Meanwhile, RHS, due to numerous court cases, has referred women seeking to kill their unborn children to a facility in Fairview, Illinois. Technically, the St. Louis clinic is still open, but is not licensed for baby in the womb killings.

What Missouri Laws?

Last year Governor Parson stated on February 21, 2020, that,

there were only seven abortions in Missouri so far that year

[1], whereas NPR reported only three abortions. This compares to 174 by the same time the previous year.Also, this clinic in St. Louis was under investigation after a series of botched abortions [2]. This facility quit distributing abortion pills after their refusal to comply with Missouri’s regulations for the drugs.

Where Does Missouri Stand?

Missouri ia a leader when it comes to protecting women and their unborn babies. Despite many challenges through the court system, Missouri state laws have predominately held up under Constitutional scrutiny. When Governor Parson took the office in 2004, Missouri killed about 8,000 babies in the womb annually. The number has decreased dramatically due to the state’s hospital privilege requirement. This regulation states that the abortionist needs to have access to a hospital, which many abortionists do not.



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