Local Elections Coming Up On April 5

Vote Sign

Vote Sign

Alton, Mo. – Oregon County, Missouri is having local elections on Tuesday, April 5. This is important for local officials and school boards. Several offices are vacant with no one running. It is our duty as citizens to vote as we see fit, and to run for offices as we feel led. Here’s what we know.

Alton Elections

Alton city residents will vote for a mayor. There is only one person who filed for the office, and that is the current mayor Paul Haddock. No aldermen are running at this time. For the local Alton Public School board, only two seats are up for election. Two people applied for these seats: Debbie Sally and Becky Granger. Becky is already on the board and is seeking reelection. However, as only two seats are open and only two people are running, they win and will not be on the ballot.


In the Koshkonong School district, they are looking to fill two seats on the board. However, three people are running: Brown, Johnson, and Hunsberger.  Koshkonong is seeking tone person o fill the place on Ambulance District 5.


In the city board, four people are running to fill the vacancies on board 1: Tooey, Keene, Bryant, and Andrews.For board 2, you will choose one person to fill the requirements. You will choose between Tolar and Kincaid. Thayer also has a position open for Ambulance District 2. No one is running and it is open for write ins.

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