Governor Parson Declares State of Emergency in Response to Flooding



Missouri Governor Mike Parson recently declared a state of emergency in Missouri as a response to the flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri river. [1] On March 15th Missouri’s State Emergency Operations Center was partially put into motion due to the quickly rising waters.

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

As the days get warmer, snow begins to melt, and spring showers fall nearly every day. This is great for when you’re tired of the dead, gray atmosphere of winter an ready for the world to come alive with color. Unfortunately, when there is excessive rainfall, there can be flooding. Add in the fact that snow has been melting up north and upstream reservoirs were recently released and flooding will happen.

Governor Parson declared Missouri to be in a state of emergency due to the flood conditions along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Parson also activated the State Emergency Operations Center, which allows state agencies to work with local agencies to best deal with emergencies.

“The rising floodwaters are affecting more Missouri communities and farms, closing more roads and threatening levees, water treatment plants, and other critical infrastructure,” Governor Parson said. “We will continue to work closely with our local partners to assess needs and provide resources to help as Missourians continue this flood fight and as we work to assist one another.”

Surveying the Damage

On Thursday Governor Parson visited some of the flooded areas to survey the damage the water had caused and to meet with local officials. The Department of Health and Senior Services is offering free water testing along with supplying tetanus shots to Atchison and Holt Counties.

Stay Safe

When dealing with flooded areas remember to take precautions. Water can carry bacteria and diseases and should not be drunk before testing it. You should never drive into a flooded road, roads can be damaged, or the water can be deeper than it seems.

  • Standing water can carry infectious diseases and hide hazards, including road damage, glass, and sewage.
  • Storm drains can create an extremely dangerous situation for anyone caught in the current.
  • Avoid walking through floodwater and keep children from playing in it.
  • Never attempt to drive over flooded roads.



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