Local Representative Jason Smith Announces “He Will Object”

Billboard seen on Hwy 65 south of Springfield, MO

Billboard seen on Hwy 65 south of Springfield, MO

On December 31, 2020, Representative Jason Smith drafted a press release with other Republican representatives. They are announcing that they plan on objecting to the electoral college votes. He is standing up for each legal vote cast in the state of Missouri.

Did Trump Win?

Smith enumerates the numbers from the November election. He compares Trump getting over 74 million voters compared with Obama’s 69 million. Trump won 2586 counties and Obama won 873 counties. Biden, on the other hand, only won 527 counties. Something isn’t adding up. The Republican party gained seats in the House and didn’t lose people in the Senate. Why would citizens vote that way and not for Trump?


These Missouri representatives have joined lawsuits, called for a Special Counsel, and demanded accountability and integrity. Even realizing Representative NancyPelosi is again the speaker of the House, she is only the speaker.

For your complete reading of Rep. Jason Smith’s announcement, you can click here.

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