Missouri Senator Blunt Tells How He Supports Joe Biden Who Is Not President Elect

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Recently I asked Senator Blunt for his opinions regarding the fraudulent electoral college votes. In direct contrast to Missouri Senator Hawley and Representative Smith, Senator Blunt supports a fraudulent electoral college vote, misrepresenting the people of Missouri.


Although any child can clearly see that the numbers do not support a Biden win, Blunt calls Biden President-elect when he is Not the president-elect. Blunt actually believes the electoral college votes, even when dead people vote, people vote numerous times, and votes can change the winner, more mail-in ballots received than were mailed out. These instances alone cancel out the vote of each Missouri citizen- who did vote legally.


Does Blunt know the 12th amendment? What about additional options? Does wrong make right? The electoral college did not fulfill its role in determining the President.  States certified too quickly, attempting to cover their tracks and publicly more forward to Biden.


Blunt’s plans, as Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, says he will “work with President-Elect Biden as he transitions and his Presidential Inaugural Committee to plan his swearing-in ceremony.”Senator Blunt is not announcing this to the public, those who voted him into office. Our Representative and other senator both let the public know what they feel is wrong. Is Blunt trying to hide something?

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