Missouri District 33 Senator Karla Eslinger’s Weekly Report

Missouri State Capitol building.

Missouri State Capitol building.

Senator Karla Eslinger of the 33rd District Senatorial District of Missouri had a busy week last week. They talked about different bills and redistricting, and presented a bill.

Presented SB 785

Senator Karla Eslinger presented Senate Bill 785. The bill modifies the state regulations impacting local timber haulers as they move logs to processing facilities. Under current law, logging trucks pulled over by the Highway Patrol are subject to a roadside inspection that requires the trooper to calculate weight distribution over each axle while the passing traffic puts everyone in danger. This legislation simplifies the weight calculations so inspections take place quickly and safely. 

SB 845

SB 845 removes the requirement that smaller counties have to publish a detailed financial report in local newspapers. Instead the counties can have a simplified report like the larger counties. One thing SB 845 would add is that the salaries of all elected officials be published.


Senator Eslinger, who is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Redistricting, and the Missouri Senate discussed redistricting last week as well. The committee approved House Bill 2117 that contained the proposed changes to Missouri’s congressional districts. HB 2117 puts each Missouri address into one of the eight congressional districts, which determines what district you will be in. Senator Eslinger said of the bill,

I voted for HB 2117 because it protects our rural communities and the values of the Ozarks.

They will discuss the bill and pass a map later in the week.

If you want to send a bill idea or your opinion on a bill to Senator Eslinger, feel free to contact her at her webpage, Facebook, or Twitter.

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