Newly Elected Missouri Officials Inaugurated On January 11, 2021

Captitol in Jefferson City, Missouri

Captitol in Jefferson City, Missouri

Last year was an election year and multiple of our government officials got elected or reelected. On Monday, January 11, 2021, Missouri’s newly elected or re-elected officials were inaugurated.

Inaugurated Officials

Here are some of the elected or re-elected officials for Missouri.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Mike Parson was re-elected as the governor of Missouri. He is Missouri’s 57th governor. Mike Kehoe was re-elected as the lieutenant governor. Kehoe is the 48th lieutenant governor of Missouri. [1]

State Treasurer and SOS

Scott Fitzpatrick was re-elected by 59% for state treasurer and Jay Ashcroft was also re-elected by 61% by the Missourians for the secretary of state. [2]

Attorney General

Eric Schmitt is our 43rd attorney general. [3] Schmitt was re-elected for attorney general in the 2020 elections.

The Inauguration

Dr. Jonathan House and Ms. Alicia House sang the National Anthem at the inauguration. Dr. Ray Leininger said the invocation and Bishop Shawn McKnight said the benediction. Scripture readings were recited by Rabbi Yosef David and Pastor John Modest Miles.

Gun Salute

A 19-gun salute was performed by the Missouri National Guard during the ceremony. The 19-gun salute is reserved for the Vice President, Cabinet members, Chief Justice, governors of states, and general officers in the military of five-star rank, among others.

Missouri’s Bicentennial

Today’s inauguration ceremony concluded with a special salute to Missouri signifying its entry as the 24th state in the United States 200 years ago.


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