Representative Smith Is Busy Casting Votes In Washington DC

money, dollar bills

money, dollar bills

In Washington DC, Representative Smith is busy casting votes to protect Missourians and their money. Going against the current administration who is pushing for far left ideology, Jason Smith is trying to put forth a conservative voice. Here are some measures that Representative Smith voted on.

H.R. 983

This bill would establish a new criminal offense for defrauding or attempting to defraud a veteran of their veterans’ benefits. Representative Smith voted yes. The bill passed.

H.R. 239

This bill forces taxpayers to bear the full cost of contraception through the VA, and would include forms of birth control like Plan B. Representative Smith voted No. Bill passed anyway.

S.J. Res 14

This repeals a Trump administration standard that reduced regulations on oil and natural gas operations that involve methane, making it harder to produce American energy. Representative Smith voted No. The bill passed.

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