State Senator Eslinger is back at work in Jefferson City

Missouri capitol building in Jefferson City.

Missouri capitol building in Jefferson City.

Senator Eslinger from District 33 is back to work in Jefferson City. Missouri’s General Assembly meets again for its 18-week session. One of the first things that get done after the Christmas holidays is appointing committees. Senator Eslinger is on four committees: Appropriations, Commerce, Gubernatorial Appointments, and Professional Registration. Though less visible than floor debates, the appointment committee is still important since it selects the Governor’s nominees for various posts and commissions. 

Bill Work

Over 450 bills have been filed in the Senate. She has three bills that are already in committee. She does support S.B. 702 which says that employers must make reasonable accommodations to sincerely held religious, ethical, or moral objections to COVID-19 requirements. This legislation does not mandate what employers must do. It does reinforce freedom of religion.

Senator Eslinger does support our second amendment rights. She supported a law that did pass in 2021 protecting our rights.

State of the State Address

Senator Eslinger did comment on Governor Parson’s State of the State Address. You can read about his address here. She discussed the financial aspects of his speech in more detail. This year, Missouri is set to receive a tax cut. There has been a decrease in unemployment. Additionally, she appreciated funding for low-volume roads, which are common in her district. She praised the Governor for not creating new programs requiring on-going appropriations. With so many rural communities in her district, she also sees the good in broadband investment. She has even submitted a bill that helps schools and colleges train persons for the workforce.

Although this is the beginning of a new year, Senator Eslinger is busy keeping posted of bills and legislation that requires her attention and vote. She knows the people who elected her in office. And she is doing her best to represent them.

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