Get An Early Bird Discount- TeenPact Registration Is Open!

TeenPact Missouri's state class group photo on March 3, 2021.

TeenPact Leadership Schools is an organization that teaches teenagers about the government and politics. The registration for classes opens Wednesday, September 1, 2021.


TeenPact is held at every capital of each different state. You may stay at a hotel or camp depending on which one you go to.

The Class

The class teaches homeschooled teenagers about grassroots, primary and general elections, how to run for office, how to create a bill, defend the Christian faith, value their liberty, and much more.

Who’s Eligible

There is a four-day class for students 13-19. A one-day class is also available to kids 8-12.

Early Bird Discount

For first-time students, the cost is $310.00 for the four-day class; returning students cost $270.00. If you go to the Political Communications Workshop along with the four-day class, it will cost $50.00. There is also an early bird discount if you register in September. If you would like to find a class and register, go here.

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