Fall Gardening Ideas- Now Is The Time To Plan



Believe it or not, cooler temperatures are on the way and summer heat will pass. Before that happens, though, one needs to begin planning a fall garden. planting now in August means a possible harvest by Thanksgiving.

What To Plant?

While still picking tomatoes and peppers in the summer garden, one can think ahead to fall crops. What grows well in cooler weather without so much sun? In ground vegetables are usually a hit. items such as potatoes, onions, and beets are protected from much frost by staying underground [1]. Items like broccoli ans brussel sprouts are above ground foods that withstand lightly freezing conditions. Besides those, greens are able to handle cooling temperatures. I’ve grown kale until Christmas.

Preparing For Cold Weather

Part of growing in colder weather is planning what actually will grow. Once that is decided, then it’s advisable to arrange items like plastic for covering, possibly mulch or heating lamps.

Benefits Of Fall Gardens

No bugs. Anyone who tries to grow in the summer knows that bugs are hungry. Lower degrees is a deterrent to insects. Growing items at a fraction of the cost of grocery stores helps lengthen the family budget, too. Fresh picked produce can continue through colder months instead of stopping once fall arrives.

Now that you’ve decided which plants to grow and what you need to grow them, it’s time to get started.


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