NFL Team Facilities Beginning To Open Up

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Alton, Mo. – The NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, sent out a memo on Monday, May 18, 2020, to all thirty-two teams saying that they can open up their stadiums and facilities on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. There are some catches to reopening though. This is the first phase of reopening.

Opening Facilities

The team facilities can only reopen if it follows their state and local governments allow it and if the teams will follow the implemented protocols by Dr. Sills on May 13, 2020. Facilities have been closed since late March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Teams that cannot reach these requirements can reopen as soon as they can meet these requirements.

No Coaches or Healthy Players

None of the coaching staff or healthy players will be allowed in the stadium or training facilities. Only the players that are rehabbing or are having medical treatment are allowed to come in.

Limited Workers Allowed

Roger Goodell said that 50% or 75 employees are allowed to go to the facilities.  [1] This number is for all team facilities. The teams may decide what personnel to allow in. Strength and conditioning coaches and personnel are only allowed to go in if they are currently working with a rehabbing player.


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