St. Louis Blues Working to Score Stanley Cup in 2019

Go for the gold.

Go for the gold.

From the beginning of April until the middle of June, the Stanely Cup tournaments are held. Next week the Stanley Cup (the playoffs tournament of the National Hockey League) will begin wrapping up their final week of playoffs. The St. Louis Blues are set to play against the Boston Bruins, who have won the Stanely Cup multiple times in the past, on Thursday, June 6.

The Stanely Cup

The Stanley Cup Finals are going on right now. The playoffs started April 10, 2019, and the finals will finish no later than June 12, 2019.

It is the St. Louis Blues against the Boston Bruins who have been given the Stanley Cup 6 times. While the St. Louis Blues have not won it once, if the Blues win 2019’s Stanley Cup, it will be the first time they have won it.


Games one and two were held in the Boston Bruins stadium TD Garden at Boston, Massachusetts. Games three and four were held in the St. Louis Blues stadium, Scottrade Center, in St. Louis, Missouri. Game five will be held in the Bruins stadium and Game six will be held in the Blues stadium. Game seven- if they make it that far- will be held at the Bruins stadium as well.

They need to have at least two more games left to see who the winner is. Unless there is a tie, June 6, June 9, and June 12 are when the next games are going to be held. Currently, it is a tie between both of the teams; they both have two wins. Game one and Game three led to the Bruins winning, and Game two and Game four the Blues took those wins. In the fourth game which was held June 3, Ryan O’Reilly┬áscored a point for the Blues in the first minute of the game and managed to score the winning point at the end of the game. Only three other players have done that before.


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