Thayer Bobcats Beat St. Pius Lancers 34-13 In Week 8 Of High School Football

THAYER, MO - AUGUST 28: Thayer Bobcats head to their sideline because of a timeout during the high school football game between the Thayer Bobcats and Hayti Indians on August 28, 2020, at the Thayer High School football field in Thayer, MO. (Photo by Curtis Thomas/

Festus, Mo. – The Thayer Bobcats traveled to Festus, Missouri, on Friday, October 26, 2020, to take on the St. Pius Lancers. The Bobcats beat the Lancers 34-13, even without three key players in Jordan Madden, Landon Madden, and Chris Cray. [1]

First Quarter

On the opening kickoff, Thayer fumbled the ball but recovered it before St. Pius got it. On their second run, the Bobcats quarterback Jayce Haven throws a pass to his receiver. The Bobcats managed to get a touchdown and field goal in the first quarter. [2]

Scores Move Up

In the second quarter, both teams got a touchdown and the extra field goal to put the score to 14-7 with the Bobcats still in the lead. [3]

A Stand Still For Both Teams

In the third quarter after halftime, neither teams got anywhere. The Bobcats nor the Lancers got any points. [4]

Final Score

The Thayer Bobcats closed the game 34-13 against the St. Pius Lancers. [5]

Next Opponent

The Thayer Bobcats are going to go up against the Willow Spring Bears in Willow Spring, Missouri, on October 23, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. This game will be a conference game for the Bobcats. [6]

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