Aftermath of Hurricane Michael Still Being Calculated

Dark storm clouds.

Dark storm clouds.

Hurricane Michael, a category 4 Hurricane, hammered Florida on Wednesday, October 10th. It was expected and precautions were carried out before the storm actually made landfall but Michael has still caused severe damage to Florida’s panhandle. Hurricane Michael was one of the strongest hurricanes to hit land in Florida’s panhandle and the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane in the United States mainland by wind speed.

Working on Repairing the Damage

The Florida Governor Rick Scott has been working with law enforcement to return people to their homes and clear up the damage that was done. Some state county offices were closed due to the damage that was done.

Florida has continued to make efforts to rescue those stranded by the storm. They are clearing roads, electric lines, and other debris to make it easier to come and go throughout Florida. Many people in the state of Florida are left without electricity or fuel.

Carolinas get hit Again

Florida was not the only state to be impacted by Hurricane Michael. Michael managed to sweep through Florida before rolling through Georgia, Virginia,  and the Carolinas. So soon after hurricane Florence, Michael only added insult to injury for the Carolinas. The death toll so far of this hurricane is estimated to be 13. Seven of which happened in Virginia.  [1] There are expected to many more casualties from the number of people who did not evacuate before the storm.

More than 375,000 people up and down the Gulf Coast were ordered or urged to clear out as Michael closed in. But it moved fast and intensified quickly, and emergency authorities lamented that many people ignored the warnings. [2]


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