Remnants of Tropical Storm Sergio Expected to hit Alton, MO

Rain on glass.

Rain on glass.

Tropical Storm Sergio hit the Baja California coast on Friday bringing lots of rain and wind with it. It swept Southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico with rain as it continues eastward. Currently, southern Missouri is supposed to feel some of the effects of the tropical storm tonight, October 13th.

Last week Hurricane Sergio turned away from its path directed to the Mexico coast. But a few days ago it turned around again and began heading towards Baja California coast as a tropical storm. Sergio was first moving at about 24 mph but has slowed down since reaching the United States coast. The ever-weakening storm is now moving eastward, dumping rain and wind down through the south-central states. It’s expected to impact Missouri on Saturday night with rainfall.

How This Affects Alton, Missouri

Tropical storm Sergio in Alton, Mo.

Alton, Missouri will be experiencing tropical rainstorms in the afternoon on the 13th of October.  [1] They will also be feeling Rain from the Tropical storm Sergio on Saturday night. Some places will experience heavier rainfall than others but its nothing to be too concerned about. After the rain passes there is expected to be a slight cold front to hit Alton, Missouri.






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