An 8.2 Earthquake Hit Alaska Late Wednesday Night With Tsunami Warnings Triggered



An 8.2 earthquake hit Alaska late Wednesday night, July 28, 2021, with tsunami warnings triggered.

Where And When It Hit

The earthquake was felt at 10:15 pm local time 56 miles southeast of Perryville, Alaska. The epicenter was 29 miles in depth. [1]


Multiple aftershocks were felt. There were two strong aftershocks with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 and 5.6. [2]

Tsunami Warnings

The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning shortly after the earthquake. The tsunami warning included South Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula Pacific coasts, and the Aleutian Islands. [3] The tsunami warning was later canceled.


There were evacuations after the earthquake hit. On the island of Kodiak in the city of Kodiak, people were advised to go to high ground.


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