Carolinas Experiencing Billions of Dollars Worth of Damage



Hurricane Florence might be dissipated, but that doesn’t mean the Carolinas aren’t still feeling the effects of the storm. Florence continues to dump rain causing flooding on the inland of the Carolinas.

In 2016, two years ago, Hurricane Mathew struck the Carolinas. It caused heavy flooding to inland towns and wrecked homes along the coastline. Mathews was supposed to be a storm in a million, the kind that doesn’t come along that often. Citizens of the Carolinas built back their homes in faith that another storm like that wouldn’t happen in their lifetime. But two years later Hurricane Florence arrived.

The Carolinas can’t seem to find rest.

After Hurricane Mathews, it seemed like it would be okay to rebuild lives that had been wrecked by flooding. Billions of dollars were poured into construction as people rebuilt their homes. Just two years later, however, all their work was for naught as Hurricane Florence wrecked their work. State officials are working together to prevent the damage to be as high for any future hurricanes.

“When you have two 500-year floods within two years of each other, it’s pretty clear it’s not a 500-year flood,” the governor said at a news conference this week. “So as we approach recovery, both short-term and long-term, we will have to look at flooded property, work on mitigation and buyouts, and being smart about how we recover and make sure that we’re involving local, state and federal officials.” [1]

After Sweeping the coastline of the Carolinas, causing billions of dollars of property damage, Florence has finally started to let up. That doesn’t mean her tirade is over though, as she slowly crawls inward, she continues to wreck homes. Dumping rain has nowhere to go except swelling rivers, flooding highways, threatening lives and homes.


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