More Inclement Weather Coming To Oregon County

evergreen with snow,ice

evergreen with snow,ice

Alton, Mo. – Last week Alton, Missouri, residents saw an accumulation of snow. This was heavy, wet snow that downed power lines. Many, but not all, residents of the Howell- Oregon Coop lost electricity. Some families were without power from Tuesday through Sunday. This week weathermen care calling for sleet and maybe snow.

What We Had Last Week

Last week, Alton and surrounding areas received 7.5 inches of heavy snow. Falling on power lines, the weight of the snow broke the lines. By Wednesday, the electric coop was repairing lines as fast as they were falling due to falling branches. Thursday brought coop linemen from surrounding coops over to our area to assist.


This week, weathermen are forecasting another round of inclement weather. Sleet, freezing rain, and even additional snow can come from Monday through Tuesday. By Monday afternoon, the ground was covered in slick sleet, and MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) is asking residents to stay off roadways unless necessary [1]. Local schools are again closed due to the weather. Already on Monday afternoon, Highway 19, heading north from Alton, was once more closed due to the weather.

After going many days with no electricity, residents are wearily planning what to do should this sleet take down power lines again. The good news is comparable to last week’s good news: the cold weather is Not here to stay. By last Friday, local temperatures were in the 50’s. By this Thursday, Alton could see temperatures moderate into the 40’s.

As a reminder to all, this is still winter, and inclement weather is not gone for good. We all need to prepare for the worst.


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