Traveling To Colorado? Best To Get A Road Report Before Heading Out

snowy mountain road

snowy mountain road

It is spring. Sun is shining. Birds are flying. Flowers are blooming.  Trees have leaves. Winter clothes are packed away. But if you travel West, you may want to dig out those snow boots! Colorado is expecting a foot of snow!

When Is This?

From Friday noon until Saturday night, Colorado and even Wyoming are expecting wintry weather. From temperatures in the 80’s, the residents will have a frigid wake up call back to winter. Heavy mountainous snow is in the forecast. Residents are warned to expect power outages and snow weighs down electric lines. Snowplows may not be able to keep up with removing the snow when it comes down so heavily. Areas in the Rocky Mountain foothills could see more than a foot of snow. Meanwhile, a bit north into Cheyenne, Wyoming, they are expecting just under a foot of snow.

One thing to keep in mind is that weather is not stationary. After dropping colder temperatures and snow along the mountains, the cold temperatures will move East. Bring warm outer wear when traveling.

Where Is This?

As the snow begins to fall, one can expect delays and even road closures along I-70, I-80, I-76, and I-25. Especially highways that are not interstates will see snow, and they will be plowed after the major roads.

What To Do?

Plan accordingly. Do not go out unless necessary. If you do have to drive, check road reports and weather reports. Bring necessary winter weather equipment in your vehicle in case you are stranded. Be prepared for loss of power.

The best advice is to stay home. Although this is the month of May, this is not a good time to take a trip to Colorado or Wyoming.

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