International Nurses Day May 12, 2020

Doctors stethoscope.


Alton, Mo. – International Nurses Day is Tuesday, May 12, 2020. In honor of the nurses and healthcare workers out there, do something special for them. Especially during this coronavirus, nurses and healthcare workers are working harder than ever to help people out.

Ideas to Do

An idea to do in appreciation for the healthcare workers is to send them a letter. Send the letter to your local hospital or clinic and thank them for what they do. Or you can go in personally and thank them yourselves. Along with the letter, you can draw a picture as well.


International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12 which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This day is set aside to honor healthcare workers and what they do. International Nurses Day has been celebrated every year since 1965. Why May 12 was chosen for International Nurses Day, was because that day was Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing. The event was officially established in 1974 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).  [1] In some countries, they have International Nurses Week as well. Each year, ICN gives out promotional and educational materials to help nurses out.

It doesn’t matter if you know anyone in the health industry, nurses and healthcare workers work so hard day and night to help other people. Nurses put helping others first so people can get better and return to their families. They deserve a day to be recognized.


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