Local Businesses Opening Up

Alton Bank, Alton Mo.

Alton Bank, Alton Mo.

Since the start of Phase One recovery on Monday, May 4, 2020, Alton has opened its doors. As noted earlier, the Alton Burger Palace once again has a dining room available for customers. Alton Bank has reopened its lobby doors to welcome customers. So has Southern Bank. Even without schools opening, life is trying to return to normal.

Alton Bank

The Alton Bank has reopened its lobby. The last several weeks, one had to call ahead for an inside meeting. This puts more business through the drive-through. Saturdays would show lies until 2:00 p.m., way past the regular closing hours on Saturday. Now we can walk right into the lobby, conducting our business there. Separating the tellers from the customers is plexiglass. This protects both the customers as well as the employees from the spread of viruses. The plexiglass does not come all the way down to the counter but leaves space to transfer business. What with the coronavirus pandemic and precautions, building a new bank building, and looking into an Alton Bank branch, Mr. Combs has had a lot on his mind. But he is handling it well and time is moving on.

Burger Palace

The Burger Palace has an open dining room once more. Although the drive-through has remained open, they have not had a serious impact economically from COVID-19. They do look forward to serving the customers face to face.

Burger palace in Alton Mo.
Burger palace in Alton Mo.

Post Office

The Alton Post Office has hanging plastic separating the customers from the employees.  But work is continuing as usual. No delay in the services.

Southern Bank

The Southern Bank, Alton branch has an open lobby again. With one drive-through window, there were times long lines encircling the building. Nonetheless, the ladies looked refreshed as they took turns at the window. They did comment that with the lobby reopened, they now have to dress up again in business attire, something no needed when they were inside and customers were outside.


Harps Grocery store has most items stocked. Although they do not count customers in the store, there are arrows on the floor to direct customers to lessen contact.

There are more openings around town. But it is good to get out in the sunshine and see smiling faces, knowing the worst is behind us.


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