Alton Future Farmers Of America Entrants In The Heart Of The Ozarks Fair



The Heart of the Ozarks Fair is happening from June 6 to 11, 2022. For the 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA), they will be at the fairgrounds from June 5th to 7th. There are multiple kids participating in the fair.


Only two seniors are participating in the fair. They are representing all the seniors in the school.

  • Harly Howell is showing a pig.
  • Hannah Wigger is showing a pig.


There are more juniors entered in the fair. To be exact, five more students.

  • Tucker Combs is showing a pig.
  • Toby Simpson is showing a pig.
  • Shelby Ledgerwood is showing a pig.
  • Lane Medlin is showing a steer.
  • Riley Neldon is showing a goat.


Sophomores come right above the seniors in students participating. Four sophomores are entered into the fair.

  • Dillon Weyland is showing a pig.
  • Trevor Cunningham is showing a pig.
  • Tommy Bettis is showing a pig.
  • Austin Anderson is showing a steer.


There is one freshman and one first-year college student.

  • Katie Smith (freshman) is showing a pig.
  • Ashley Barton (college student) is showing a goat.

At The Fair

Starting off, the weigh-in for the fair is June 5th. The show is on June 6th. Auctioning off the animals will be on June 7th.

Overview Of Animals

The majority of students are showing pigs. Here is the list of the total amount of animals.

  • Pigs- 9
  • Steer- 2
  • Goats- 2

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