Stressed Out? Need To Unwind? Take Time To Listen To Nature

Robin sitting on a cherry branch.

Robin sitting on a cherry branch.

Studies are beginning to prove that nature does, indeed, calm us. Calm, soothing sounds in nature reflect their strength towards people. The research proves this truth.

 A collaboration between Carleton University, Colorado State University, and Michigan State University and the National Park Service examined 18 previous studies about the effects of natural sounds on human health. The results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that listening to the sounds of nature, including birds, water and wind, can reduce stress, improve cognitive performance, mood, and many other things.

Which Sound Yields Which Benefit?

In this recent study, specific sounds of nature were found to provide specific benefits. Bird sounds, for instance, combat stress and annoyance. Meanwhile, water sounds promote positive emotion and health. Exploring nature helps a person feel better physically and mentally.

We naturally relax and feel reassured when we hear nature’s sounds. The birds start singing when a storm has passed. The frogs begin to sing at night when spring has arrived.

Mental Activity

You can enhance your mental health by spending a few hours a week in nature listening to its sounds. Simply walking outside can provide you with a variety of nature sounds and sights that can be a great brain refresher.

The benefits of nature sounds can be fully reaped by walking along a trail or going on a kayak trip on calm waters. These activities are excellent ways to reduce stress and benefit your health. Whatever you do, simply get outdoors!

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