Teens can Work Out for Free at Planet Fitness This Summer

Girl stretching for a workout.

Girl stretching for a workout.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay in shape during summer, after all, there are plenty of excuses that allow you to put off working out until tomorrow. Now, teens, ages 15-18 can have one less reason to avoid working out. Planet Fitness is offering Teen Summer Challenge encouraging teens to stay fit throughout summer by allowing them to use their gym for free.

Stay Fit This Summer

Planet Fitness has over 1,700 locations scattered across the United States as well as Canada and this summer, from May 15 until September 1, teens are encouraged to join a nearby Planet Fitness for free. “New research shows that 91% of teens want to stay active over the summer, and that’s why Planet Fitness is offering teens a safe space where they can get their sweat on in a healthy way” [1] states Planet Fitness’ website.

Teens, ages 15-18 can visit any Planet Fitness location and sign-up for a gym membership- be aware that whichever gym they sign-up at is the only one they will be allowed to workout at. Teens under 18 must bring a parent or guardian for the sign-up process; once the teen is signed up they can go to the gym by themselves.

The Teen Summer Challenge will include the ability to attend fitness classes held at the gym from Monday – Friday for free.

There are Prizes

All teens who sign up for the Planet Fitness Teen Summer Challenge will be entered into a Planet Fitness’ Scholarship Sweepstakes which will be held at the end of summer. Planet Fitness will award one person from each state and province a $500 scholarship. The gym will also be offering a $5,000 grand prize to teens who signed up this summer.

For those who are over 18 and wanting to stay fit this summer, or if you’re going to workout with someone who isn’t in the 15-18-year-old age range, you can join Planet Fitness for $10 a month.



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