Three Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

The Peloton bike (official photo by

The Peloton bike (official photo by

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? In 2020 approximately 74% of Americans made New Year resolutions [1]. Some decisions were the same as previous years. Other decisions were new. Of all the resolutions made, here are the most popular. How do you square up with them?


Most people want to feel better. Exercise helps you feel better about yourself. Being active gives one more energy and stamina. Physical activities protect against diseases and cancers [2]. Simply find an exercise or activity that you want to do, then do it regularly. Changing exercises keeps boredom at bay. A gym subscription with a buddy brings accountability. A new year and a new you equals success.

Sleep More

It may not seem like much, but Americans need more sleep. They need it so much, it comes up in their New Year’s Resolutions. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. A minimum of 7 hours is necessary to promote health and well-being [3]. Less sleep than that on a regular basis leads to chronic debilitating conditions. Of course, there are times when 7 hours of sleep may seem difficult- like with a newborn or unusual stressful circumstances. However, these times are to be temporary. Despite the pandemic circumstances where many persons work from home, that does not automatically equal more sleep. One needs to choose sleep.

Eating Right

Eating right or changing your diet is almost always in the top five list of resolutions. eating right goes hand in hand with exercise. Some think this is the easier of the two. Instead of quick candy (I know it’s Christmas season), opt for fresh fruit like a juicy orange. Add more vegetables to your plate. Go for the veggies to dip instead of crackers. And drink water. Water is good for you and it does fill you up.

Other Declarations

Those were the top three resolutions. Others in the top ten include handling finances better and stressing less.

It truly comes down to self control and where you project yourself in the future. A New Year’s Resolution is made to keep you on track all year and from one year to the next, making new habits


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