Governor Parson Calls for Special Election to Fill Two House Vacancies

Missouri Flag.

Missouri flag next to Gateway Arch.

Recently Missouri’s House of Representatives has been left with two vacancies. After Representative Jean Evans resigned to pursue a different job, and Representative Scott Fitzpatrick became the State Treasurer, some of the people of Missouri have been left without a representative. Missouri Governor Parson has been working to fix that problem, and on April 22 he called for a special election to fill the two House vacancies.

Missouri has 163 representative districts, two of which are left without a representative. One of the vacancies occurred when Representative Jean Evans recently resigned and was named the Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. The other vacancy happened when Representative Scott Fitzpatrick was appointed as Missouri State Treasurer.

Governor Parson has been working to quickly fill those two vacancies in the House of Representatives and make sure all Missourians have a representative. Parson has called for a special election on April 22 to fill the empty seats in the House for districts 158 and the 99th District. The special election will be held on November 5th, 2019 for Barry, Lawrence, and Stone Counties along with St. Louis County.

“It’s important that we work quickly to fill vacancies in the people’s house to ensure that Missourians have representation here in Jefferson City,” said Governor Mike Parson. “We appreciate the dedication and hard work of our local election authorities, especially when preparing for and conducting a special election. I am confident that Secretary Ashcroft will continue focusing our election process in a free and fair manner.” [1]




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