Oregon County Will Have A New Senatorial District Come January, 2023

Missouri State Capitol building.

Missouri State Capitol building.

In 2020 all of the United States took a census. The information gathered helps the governments plan on power, schools, and redistricting. Although Alton and Oregon County have been in senatorial district 33 with Senator Eslinger and before her was Senator Cunningham, this will change with the start of the new year. We move to district 25.

District 25 Areas

District 25 is all of Oregon county. Then it moves to the boothill, encompassing 10 counties. These counties are in a line, no curving around rivers or cities. To see the new redistricting map, you can click here.

Who Is The Senator?

Currently, Senator Bean is the senator. He was elected in 2020 and does not run in 2022. His next reelection bid will be in 2024. He received a degree in agronomy and animal science. He works a family farm. He is on numerous committees and has won numerous awards in the farming industry. He is a member of the Missouri Farm Bureau as well as the NRA. He is a Republican. We look forward to watching how he represents our area.

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