Statistics For Oregon County, Missouri And Covid Vaccinations

Someone getting a shot.

Someone getting a shot.

Mainstream media has a lot to say about the covid pandemic and its professing vaccine. With one news cast proclaiming positive clauses for the vaccine, another one disclaims much of the conclusive evidence of the necessity of the vaccine. What is the average citizen supposed to think? Well, numbers are coming in and many Missourians are not convinced that the vaccine will keep one from contracting this reported deadly disease. Here are some facts.

Percentages Of Administered Doses

In Missouri 51% of the population have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Continuing further, only 43% of Missourians are fully vaccinated. The age most of the vaccinated persons isĀ  65 and older.This is the most vulnerable age group for this disease. However, Missouri reports that the numbers say that even at this older age bracket, less than 75% of the individuals are fully vaccinated [1]. For the youngest age group recorded, ages 25-34, approximately 25% are vaccinated.

Medical ‘Experts’

Mr. Fauci has blamed Missouri for not having a high enough vaccination rate [2]. However, by looking at the comparative states’ vaccination progress, one reads that the coastal states are about 50% vaccinated with the interior of the United States riding between 35%-455.

Local Vaccination Report

While it came to our area slow at first, those who want the covid-19 vaccine may get the injection. One can call the local health department or medical practitioner to schedule an appointment. Nonetheless, many Oregon County residents still choose to not take the vaccine. Currently. Oregon county, Missouri hosts 10,699 persons. Of that, 20.24% are fully vaccinated [3]. Howell County doesn’t brag for much better. It records 22.94% of fully vaccinated individuals. Neighboring counties of Shannon, Carter, and Ripley have 21.39, 22.66%, and 19.07% fully vaccinated. AS a matter of fact, not a single county in Missouri has half or more of its residents fully vaccinated, despite monetary gifts offered by the federal government.

In conclusion, the decision to receive the ‘jab’ or not is up to each individual. Information is online at various sources, and one can also seek direction from medical personnel. This is an important choice that is not to be taken lightly. Staff at are not medical experts, but we try to gather information and post it for the public.


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