Representative Smith Busy Voting On Various Legislative Bills

General election candidates.

General election candidates.

Missouri Representative Jason Smith has been busy in Washington, DC fighting for the rights of Missourians and Americans in general. Recently three house bills came to vote and here is a summary. Keep in mind that although Missourians are generally conservative, the House is very liberal at this time.


House bill 7 increases federal restrictions on employment pay decisions and encourages frivolous lawsuits against job creators. Representative Smith voted NO. Bill passed.

H.R. 1195

This bill prevents OSHA from considering whether workplace violence standards are economically feasible to implement by requiring adopting California’s extreme healthcare workplace violence standards nationwide. Representative Smith voted NO. Bill passed.

H.R. 1868

This bill prevents a 2% cut to Medicare. This would have harmed care given to seniors. This does the cut without increasing the federal deficit. Representative Smith voted Yes. This bill passed and is on the way to the Senate.

Anything Else?

Representative Smith is voicing his opposition to Biden’s recent firearm initiatives.

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